The Yawning Man

Take part in a social experiment which aims to ignite the largest yawning chain reaction in human history. It all begins with The Yawning Man.

I Yaaawned

Yawn Phenomenon

Has all this talk of yawning had its desired effect on you? Researchers have found that between 40% and 60% of people who see a picture of someone yawning will yawn themselves.

Interestingly, researchers have also found that 90% of people who watch The Yawning Man video will succumb to an uncontrollable fit of yawning.

† The Yawning Man features in Disney's Tom Thumb, 1958.

‡ No actual data to support this claim.

How do I take part?

Easy. If you yawned then simply press the 'I Yaaawned' Facebook button to the left of the video or, if you'd rather tweet your yawn, click the 'tweet' button to the right of that. The total number of yawns will be calculated from the addition of these two numbers.

If you're tweeting about the experiment then use the #theyawningman hashtag or join the Facebook group.

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